Leopard Coat


Leopard Coat 

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m a bit obsessed with faux fur and sneakers at the moment.  This coat is so cute and it just makes me happy looking at it.  It’s a great price too, so why not add it to your closet?!  I found these awesome jeans the other day and the zipper up the side is a great little detail.  Plus, you can wear them to go get a pedicure and you just have to unzip all the way 😉  My shoes are super comfy and I’ve worn them almost every day this week.  I pretty much live in sneakers these days…I’ve got too many kids to chase!  Don’t be afraid of a leopard jacket, it’s a fun statement.  And of course you can dress it up or down.

Have a great weekend everybody!  We are headed to the farm to let the kiddos run around, yay!

photography by Jen Wright

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